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The mats have the standard dimensions of 26 by 9 inches, which fits most standard stairs. The best carpet for stairs protection are made of different materials. When looking for the best stairs carpet, it’s crucial to look at the material. The longevity of the mats on your stairway depends on their quality. They are good for stairs, since they provide a backing to the floor. Andonian Rugs | Seattle & Bellevue Store Sales. Best stair carpets 2020 1. Slippery staircases present one great problem – making pets fall. Pattern carpet is popular in offices, hallways, stairs, family rooms and bedrooms. Hence, unlike many other carpets, they don’t get dirty quickly. $95.00. Clean and vacuum the area after a few hours. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. When you remove the carpet or rug with the intent of storing it and using it later, ensure you don’t fold it. You don’t want it to get torn, do you? The look, feel, and durability of the treads is perfect. Of course, with technology, the carpet manufacturers state that the difference between nylon and polyester carpets is shrinking continuously.►They’re not resistant to oil-stains►They’re still not to be considered viable for a high traffic area, since they wear off faster. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Pros►Natural fibers like ‘sisal’ and ‘coir’, are hard-wearing fibers that are beneficial for your stairs.►Sisal does not need any coloring, is environment-friendly, and does not show stains easily. To take the non-slip feature a little farther than usual, this carpet comes with a carpet tape. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So why should you get the carpets with these issues? For something high-quality that is not very expensive, you might want to consider the Non-slip Stair Treads by Whistler. There’s only one issue. Free shipping. We offer a vast array of all types of carpet colors for both indoor carpet and outdoor carpet . They’re composed of finely woven fibers that stay together and prevent wearing efficiently. Apart from the color options, you get two size options – 7 by 24 inches and 8 by 30 inches. Luckily, double sided tapes are shipped with the carpets. Made of high-grade microfiber, they offer a fantastic cushioning feel that the people and pets in your house will love. They’re made of propylene fibers, which are resistant to a whole lot of conditions, including staining, abrasion, and heat. There are many options when it comes to washing the Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set mats. We recommend you get a double-sided tape to secure the rugs to the steps and prevent them from moving. Copyright © Decor Dezine & Buzzle.com, Inc. Stair carpets are exposed to plenty of wear and tear and need to be durable and practical. Be sure to consider the size before getting it. That not only makes it soft and comfortable but also reduces the noise tremendously when people or animals step on the stairs. Carpets come in all sorts of colors and patterns. And as stated before, the traction is great. Some brands ship you mis-sized mats with uneven edges, which is quite annoying. See more ideas about carpet stairs, stair runner carpet, patterned carpet. If you get it from amazon, you get the option of choosing between different colors like red, brown, beige, and gray. But with these mats, everything is so uniform. On the brighter side, the available gray shades match most decors especially those made of hardwood. Cleaning is a cinch. The tapes work very well, keeping the rugs in place, and offering the needed non-slip benefit. You ask. The 100% polyester material is pretty tough, and with good weaving, the material is able to resist wear very well. But then, wool gets dirty quickly and it’s not so easy to clean. Knowing the different types of stair carpets available will help you choose the carpet that suits you. ►Traditionally, wool is used in woven carpets. Cons►Nylon is prone to fading from bleach.►They are costlier than other artificial fibers. It comes as a set of 13 mats with two color options – brown and dark red. Budget-friendly or durable, whatever your priority, this DecorDezine article furnishes some tips that will help you take an appropriate decision. The most important reason why we chose this carpet to be at the top of our list is that it has an exceptional design. In our research, we spoke to one guy who has a 110-pound German Shepherd. Though polyester has improved immensely, in comparison with nylon, it is not recommended for high traffic stairs. Make a wise decision after carrying out a little research and a cost-benefit analysis. The mats are laid on each step individually while the long carpets are single units meant to cover several or all the steps on the stairway. By using this website you are consenting to our cookies. Below, we’ve shared several maintenance tips that will help you keep your stair carpet in its grace for a long time. Sometimes, rather than incurring the repairs expenses, it’s better to just get a staircase carpet. We’ll tell you about the finest models and outline some budget-friendly models for those of you who look to save money. Because of their heavy traffic and frequent use, it's important to find carpet for steps that can handle the abuse that comes with day to day use. Although this is not always the case, thicker carpets tend to last longer. Concrete? Additionally, the material resists staining and dirt, so cleaning is a piece of cake. Stair carpets come in the form of either long, continuous pieces or rugs to be laid on the steps. To avoid that, be sure to rotate or reposition it every few months. You can rest assured that the mats will last years without seeing any fraying. Pacwest Floors offers stone, ceramic, carpet installation in Kenmore WA & more. For more information on carpet styles, refer to Buzzle’s article on Different Styles and Types of Carpets. Water/moisture under the carpet only deteriorates the carpet. $120.00. You got to try the Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set by Antdle. ►They are good for stairs, since they provide a backing to the floor. The treads don’t pick dust or stains easily. What about the durability? The rugs are composed of a machine-made nylon material. Trellis collection features contemporary, soft, cozy, and vibrant area rugs, runners, doormats, and stair treads, woven into the natural hessian/jute fibers, ensuring that the carpet … If you love carpets that last, these are for you. Visit or call Andonian Modern Rug Store to buy from our collection of antique, traditional and contemporary rugs for your home or office. It should be comfortable, offering good insulation against the noise and the cold, and it should be easy to clean. One thing you’re going to like a lot about this carpet is the comfort it offers. All the mats and colors feature lovely floral designs that go well with different staircases including wood and concrete. Beside that, there are over five colors to choose from, including dark grey, black, and brown. The carpets with multiple colors often have patterns. On the other hand, light colors are susceptible to dirt marks, soil stains, etc., and might require frequent cleaning. If you have toddlers, senior members, pregnant women, or pets frequenting the stairs, carpeting them is the best way to avoid slips and falls. Look at the individual features and follow our buttons to see more features on amazon while viewing other users’ thoughts as well as the current price. Cleaning & Repairs. 4.5 out of 5 stars (144) 144 reviews The rugs are easier to lay and align, and of course, they’re easier to clean with a machine. But if you need a cost-effective option to offer comfort and keep people and pets from sliding, then you’ll find the Sweethome Stores Non-Slip Shag Carpet Stair Treads very useful. Look at the length and width and see if it goes with the size of your staircases. That way, the mats are so steadily held to the stair cases that there’s absolutely no risk of slipping. This isn’t very convenient as it takes extra installation and removal time. We're knowledgeable in all areas of installations & methods for any size job. The soft surface also cancels out the noise. That is made possible by the fact that the mats come with a rubber backing, providing a non-slip lower surface. There are several benefits that you stand to gain by installing a carpet on your stairs. If there are water or liquid spills on the carpet, you needn’t fret as the carpet is resistant to liquids. When buying treads for your staircases, you might want to know how easy they are to clean. At the bottom side, these rugs have a latex/rubber backing installed. An off-white backdrop helps to keep the overall look bright, so you could opt to go for darker walls if you prefer. Take help in measuring the carpet length for your staircase. You don’t want stair mats that will wear quickly, do you? Some folks don’t like that the mats don’t come with an adhesive. There are two main types of carpet in the UK: woven and tufted. Another thing you will love about the fibers is that they’re not so easily stained and cleaning is quite easy. The Ottomanson Softy Stair Tread are nice, but not all that fancy. If you’re planning to get these mats, be sure to get carpet tape as well to keep them in place. Make Offer - 13= STEP 9"X 30" Woven Tufted Wool Carpet Stair Treads. After some weeks, many users have reported seeing fraying corners. Thankfully, these mats look just as they do on the pictures. A short hose means you that you will need to move the equipment after cleaning every step. That’s because they are super easy to install. You’ll also want to consider the color when choosing your carpet. These high-pile stair treads with a polypropylene top are some of the softest in the market. The Ottomanson rugs resist water beautifully and also resist stains from food and dirt. And it’s not just abrasion that the carpet is resistant to. You get a fine underfoot feel stepping on the soft and plush material. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Versatile blue and teal are used in combination here to create a stair carpet that’s traditional in style and yet still vibrant and fresh. Business listings of Stair Carpet, Handwoven Carpet manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Panipat, हाथ बुना कालीन विक्रेता, पानीपत, Haryana along with their contact details & address. ►These are obviously cheaper than woolen carpets and also can resist stains. Some of the included colors are brown, red, navy, and red. The longevity is due to the fact that the material is high-quality polypropylene. Stairs are the highest-traffic area of any home. Most stair runners range from $10 to $300 in price. It will take you only a few minutes to clean them with a vacuum. As you’ll see, it lasts years without any wear signs like frayed fibers. Though the varieties are not written on stone, there are various ways of categorizing carpets: Based on the color, there are varieties that are plain colored and there are others with multiple colors. If you hate glue marks on your floor (which some carpet tapes leave), you will find these mats suitable as they don’t leave these marks. Flooring Grp Non Slip Stair Treads For Metal Stair Steps Non Slip Throughout Stick On Carpet For … This carpet comes in the form of 9 by 26 inch mats, which are to be laid on each stair. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Soft and comfortable to both people and pets. If you’re looking for the highest level of luxury and comfort, wool is the perfect pick. Also, uncarpeted wooden steps tend to make more noise; hence, a carpet also works as a good sound insulator. There are many colors and patterns to choose from, and getting something suitable is not hard as long as you know where to look. When it comes to design, you also want to think about the shape and size of the carpet. There are several color options so you can get what goes with your décor. If you’re looking for something classy and elegant, the Sultansville Trellisville Vibrant and Soft Stair Treads will be a great choice. Alternatively, a carpet cleaner with a long hose can do the trick too. These are the issues that a stair carpet helps you solve. Even without tapes, they’re able to hold onto the ground and keep you and everyone else in your house from falling or skidding as they move. It will cancel out the noise with its cushioning effect. Make Offer - 13= STEP 9"X 30" Woven Tufted Wool Carpet Stair Treads. That is what gives the mats such good traction. There aren’t many color options. You can either use a vacuum cleaner or you can wash them by hand or machine. In that regard, you need a carpet that is tough and durable; one that won’t start fraying in a few days or weeks but rather stays intact for a long time. Well, with regards to the ease of cleaning, the Stair Treads Collection by RugStylesOnline is the best stairs carpet you can get. You might be interested in some of the patterns being offered. Persian carpet in Nain Emerald, Grovenor Wilton. Not very many options but these colors go with almost all staircase decors. When you get them from amazon, you have at least 30 colors to choose from. There’s a high chance that the one of these colors will match your décor. x 12 ft. Classic Rib Low Pile Clear Floor Protection. Secondly, because they have fancy colors. Traditionally, wool is used in woven carpets. ►They are not nature-friendly like wool. Do you love unique or exotic designs? There are various types of fabrics used in a carpet; namely, wool, nylon, polyester and polypropylene, jute, cotton, silk, etc. Do your stair cases feel slippery? When buying them, you enjoy the liberty of selecting between at least seven colors, including green, ocean blue, beige, and more. Check them out. What are some popular features for stair runners? However, with proper maintenance, cleaning them is not a herculean task. RIOLAND Stair Treads Carpet Non-Slip Indoor Stair Runners for Wooden Steps, Stair Rugs for Kids and Dogs, Set of 15, 8" X 30", Brown 4.5 out of 5 stars 405 $39.99 $ 39 . Current Price $69.99 $ 69. If you’re on a budget, consider getting it. You can have different landing styles depending upon the structure of your stairs. No more worries about sliding or falling. Area, Transitional & Interior Designer Hand Made Rugs. These are some of the most stylish stair carpets you can find. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! Even though a double sided tape is shipped with the mats, in most cases, you don’t even need it. Was it a hassle? However, they suffer the limitation of being non-conducive for a house with pets. Super Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Special Mom, Essential Bathroom Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier, The Most Impractical Design Styles According To Designers, The affordable decor items that can completely change your space. Check out the Modern Design Carpet Treads by Home Way. A good carpet is just what you need to give them a brand new, warmer look. Stair Carpet. And in fact, the safety they offer against skidding is one of the main reasons why so many people love them and use them. That’s good news if you don’t like the extra work of installing tape or don’t want to take the risk of having residue left on your steps. Seattle's Trusted Area Rug Store. Let’s take a look at a face-off between them, on the basis of the best carpeting option for your stairs: ►Twist Pile Beneficial for stairs, and is tightly twisted, and good for busy areas. You know how resistant nylon is to staining? With all these choices, getting something that goes with your décor or stair case colors is a piece of cake. Not always convenient, right? Well, if to deal with the problem, just install a stair carpet. 99 This boosts the carpets grip on the floor, making sure there’s no skid when the carpet is stepped on. 99. People, pets and dragging heavy items can take their toll on stairs and their coverings. Enter town or postcode. Cons►Wool is costlier than other artificially made fibers ►Many claim that it is difficult to clean wool carpets. The mats are easier to store and install, and most people find them more convenient as some of them can be cleaned in the washing machine. What about the protection against slipping and falling? Get in touch with us and we'll talk... Will all these benefits, choosing one from a wide variety is indeed a daunting task, and the decision depends on your staircase structure, length, width, landing styles, etc. Not to mention that a carpet adds elegance and style to your home décor. That is what keeps the treads in the position you placed them for longer, reducing the need for realignment. Perhaps you, the other people in your home or the pets in there are having trouble moving up and down because the steps are slippery. See more ideas about stair runner carpet, stair runner, carpet stairs. Top 10 Best Wire Wheel For Rust Removal in 2020, Top 10 Best Roofing Underlayment Reviews In 2020, Different Types Of Roof Underlayment Explained, How To Make Homemade Tire Shine – The Ultimate Guide, Top 11 Best Water Shut off Valves For The Money In 2020. With the color options, it’s likely to get something that matches your stairs. Again, if you have a spiral staircase, avoid carpets with complicated geometrical shapes. The top-selling stair runners product is the TrafficMaster 27 in. Free shipping. By all means, avoid spilling liquids on the carpet. The fact that they’re not heavy reduces the effort needed. With all these color choices, it is virtually impossible to find something that matches your preference or style. A zebra-print stair runner adds depth to this room from Catherine M. Austin Interior Design and offers a cheeky counterpart to the blush-pink walls. Below are a few keys that will help you choose the best carpet for stairs: As mentioned, stairs are a high-traffic area. It’s not always necessary to apply tape. However, cleaning becomes a problem in this case. By doing that, you’ll ensure the skid resistance offered. The carpet is made of pure nylon and perfectly woven for a nice and quality look and feel. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the mats is the level of comfort they offer. Hardwood? If you have installed an expensive or elegant finish or material on your stairway, then it makes sense to look for ways on protecting it. Of course, in tufted carpets, the twist pile and frieze carpets score better. ►Berber Though there are mixed reviews regarding the use of this type of carpet, it is known for its high durability, appealing look and lower costs (especially, those made from olefin). At Tapi, there's a wide range of hard wearing carpet for your stairs and landing. DurabilityAs far as durability is concerned, wool carpets are the best, since they can last for years with the right kind of maintenance. You might already know that most stair carpets have to be secured to the floor with tape to stay in one place. For those of you who are looking for excellent quality as opposed to affordability, the Indoor Stair Mats by Shape28 will be an ideal selection. We hope this changes in the future. Loop pile carpets are not recommended if you have pets, since their claws may get entangled in their loops. This carpet comes in the form of 13 pieces, each measuring 28 by 9 inches. It acts as a cushion, enabling you comfortably walk even barefooted, and acts as an insulator, protecting your feet from the cold. Well, being manufactured in Turkey,… Pros►Nylon carpets can sustain the high tension and the frequent scratching that it is subject to.►They are easier to maintain than woolen carpets. Yes, it fits most standard stairs, but still, it’s good to have to have options. Shop now! Instead of taking so much time and money to change the stairway material, try a stairway carpet. 5 out of 5 stars (261) 261 reviews $ 6.92. Unfortunately, the backing isn’t very effective, and the carpets do move. The cost is also very fair for the quality offered. The manufacturer says that the rugs are durable but that’s not accurate. The smaller the cost, the lower the quality. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. First, because they’re inexpensive. Moreover, tapes often leave a residue that might be hard to get off the floor. However, materials such as rubber or aluminium are rarely dyed by manufacturers because they are deliberately kept simple. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can get a leopard pattern, a solid color or floral patterns. But remember, the maintenance also determines the longevity. Those are excellent dimensions, as they go with most standard staircases. Following is a comparison between them. It’s good that the seller gives you the tape because you get to avoid the extra cost of getting it in case you need the tape. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The most important purposes of stair case carpets include protection of the finish, beauty enhancement, and reducing the slipperiness of the floor. The carpet should stick tight to the surface, else the carpet may slip and cause the user to slip too. The best carpet for stairs is the one that is made of a high-quality material. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. You will likely love the grey color with white mesh patterns, which looks so good on hardwood. Creating a non-slip surface – slippery stairs are unsafe for people and pets alike. With the exception of the size, this is definitely one of the stair carpets that offer you lots of versatility. One way would be to add a carpet. ►Saxony Not convenient for staircases, since it flattens easily and shows foot marks. Adding a stairway carpet reduces the slipperiness dramatically and makes staircases safer. The mats offer superior traction. Whether you like the antique or modern style, there sure is something for you. Both humans and pets in your household will like them. Choosing carpet for the stairs can be a bit more difficult than choosing carpet for other areas of the home. A woven carpet sprinter additionally empowers the carpet to be moved periodically to level the article of clothing. By installing these mats, you will never again have the trouble of sliding or falling on the staircase. You can consider installing a carpet with adhesives. Avoid spilling liquids. Traditionally, woven carpets were reigning the carpet industry before tufted carpets made an entry. This item IHF Home Decor Cappuccino Braided Rug 20" x 30" to 8'x10' Oval Accent Floor Carpet Natural Jute Material Doormat | Black, Brown, Tan Woven Collection (Stair Treads) VHC Brands 28143 Classic Country Primitive Flooring-Farmhouse Black Oval Jute, Stair Tread, Non-Stenciled The machine weaving is perfect and the edges are also well done, reducing the speed of abrasion or fraying. Note that thicker/heavier varieties are often more durable and offer more insulation. The product is available in packs of different numbers, starting from five, to accommodate your needs. When we talk about being high-quality, the treads are made from 100% polyester. 14 STEP 9"X 30" + Landing 28'' x 30'' Premium Wilton Wool Carpet Stair Treads . 100% polypropylene material – for longevity. When it comes to versatility, this is one of the best options. On the upper side, the carpet is made of a soft polypropylene material. That’s because they have a rubber backing to provide a good grip to the ground. You see, the harder the surface, the more the noise. There is a whole range of stair carpets. This aspect also adds to the durability of the carpet, enabling you to enjoy it in a good condition for a long time. ToolsSpecialist.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Buy top selling products like Bacova Bruges 5-Pack Stair Treds in Olive and Bacova Bruges 9.5" x 26.3" Stair Treads. And more importantly, clean it on a regular basis. Carpets with long, loose strands are lighter and less durable than short, dense ones. To get around the shortcoming, you have to apply tape or another adhesive that will secure the mats to the floor. If your carpet is expensive and very durable, it’s only wise to get an expert to clean it professionally once in a while, perhaps once per two years. Many people (and pets) have suffered bad injuries falling on the stairway. Make sure that the shed hair of your pet is not visible easily on your carpet. Whether you’re moving into a new house or your rented house needs renovation, the cost of maintaining staircases isn’t cheap. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding the best carpet for stairs, our guide will be helpful. Another material perhaps? These are 27 by 9 inch rugs that come in a selection of colors and designs. And not just that. Each mat measures 8.5 by 26 inches, and while you don’t have the liberty of choosing your preferred size, the offered size is compatible with most stairs, both indoors and outdoors. Even with all these benefits, there are a few areas of concern. Do you want to be able to select between a range of colors and styles? With them, you can promptly enhance the beauty of your staircase without having to incur huge expenses on repairs. On the edges, the fibers are closely and strongly woven together, creating a powerful bond and putting up a good fight against wear. The main advantage is that the carpet is resistant to dirt, so cleaning isn’t that hard. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. 13= STEP 9"X 30" Woven Tufted Wool Carpet Stair Treads. The only issue is that the size is fixed. Carpet fibers can be twisted together to create a cut pile or woven in a loop pattern. And of course, that comes with the benefit of comfort. Consider the aesthetics, whether it complements your home decor and color of the walls. What are your stairs made of? You can quickly do it with a vacuum. And because of that, the chances of slipping or falling out of alignment are pretty low. However, they’re more expensive than tufted carpets. Woven carpets are durable and also proudly claim to be more nature-friendly. These cookies do not store any personal information. Avoid spilling liquids or solids on it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you’re not prepared to waste time or deal with unwanted residues on your expensive staircase, then you might want to get the Indoor Stair Mats by Shape28. There are those homeowners who just love the long continuous pieces. From wool and polyester to polypropylene and nylon, there’s a range of options for you. Choosing a carpet for high-traffic stairs must be based on durability, where wool and nylon carpets score the best. And not just that. Ensure you use a light vacuum setting to remove dirt and pet hairs from the carpet a few times per week. You can quickly go over the rugs with a vacuum and get rid of any dirt on them. If you want to make it last, ensure you avoid dirtying the carpet. Before you make up your mind to get this carpet, you must realize that it is a low-quality option for those who are on a tight budget. It’s important to consider your staircase and the color and general décor, so that you can get a carpet that goes with that. The tape is only for the most slippery stairs. 13 = STEP 9" x 30 '' Stair Treads Staircase WOVEN WOOL. Some tips that will help you take an appropriate decision result in fewer and less severe injuries from.... Resistance to skid especially if you ’ ll discover if you ’ re looking for high-quality... Are for you ease of cleaning, you can either use a blunt knife get., you can promptly enhance the beauty of your pet is not recommended high. With nylon, it is made of different numbers, starting from five, to accommodate your.! To our cookies of high-grade microfiber, they ’ re planning to one... These high-pile stair Treads by Elogio come in form of rags that measure 28 by 9 a. Nice, but still, it ’ s no skid when the carpet is resistant dirt... With awesome designs and patterns recommends pile heights that are shipped with the color when your!, whether it complements your home décor benefit of comfort 5-Pack stair Treds in Olive and Bruges... Aesthetics, whether it complements your home – slippery stairs are the perfect.. Check out the noise and the cold staircases and align, and your or. Than incurring the repairs expenses, it ’ s no skid when the carpet a vast array all... Its entirety for both Indoor carpet and outdoor carpet by 144 people on.. Are exposed to plenty of wear and get rid of any dirt on them hallways! Quite easy mildew, stains, etc., and is nature-friendly beautiful looks, carpet. Top are some of these carpets, you don ’ t like that the size, this stair carpet interest... T able to stay in a selection of colors and designs, 28 by 9.. Risk of slipping them with a polypropylene top are some of the injury reported seeing corners... It easy to clean 110-pound German Shepherd size of your staircase it easy to.., non-slip features are incorporated to ensure that the carpet may slip cause. Our list is that the carpet that works great with hardwood Floors, such. Come with a vacuum cleaner or you can quickly go over the that... Are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates Landing styles depending upon the structure of your staircase this a... Is going to have to carry your pets up and down your staircase cold, similar. Guy who has a non-slip rubber installed another towel on pressure there to absorb more liquid slowly the the. As it is crucial that the carpet a few replacement carpets so you could opt to through. To rotate or reposition it every few months cost, the Marash Luxury carpet. To maneuver woven carpet for stairs and down the staircases even without a tape, wool... Worry about it becoming too dirty or even more for the quality how! A darker color the position you placed them for longer, reducing the speed of.. Safer at the material resists staining and fading that keeps them firmly fixed the... Most importantly, clean it on a tight budget and you need by choosing the appropriate pack that... Change the stairway from direct contact with sharp objects like pet paws ’..., each measuring 28 by 9 inches and stay in a good.. Rugs to be conducive for stairs is the one that is what gives the mats able! For something fancy with a darker color, avoid spilling liquids on images. We offer a vast array of all types of carpet is durable and offer insulation. And hide foot marks easily ; hence, its carpet requirements are completely different than other made! Of experiencing heavy foot traffic assured that the size of your staircases areas like stairs them by hand machine! Same position for months leads to uneven wear carpets if you wish options when it to! And hence, suitable for all high traffic areas enabling you to enjoy it a... Budget and you need adding a carpet also works as a Set of 13 pieces of mats 30. Modern design carpet Treads by home way down the stairs can be marks, soil stains, etc. and... Most standard stairs, or some occasional purposes size for most typical staircases water resistant 16 25! Be dealing with is discomfort and cold when you have to apply tape it will instantly transform your staircase and! Or rugs to the durability of these colors will match your décor like Berber is a dark-beige carpet popular. & Beyond any dirt on them curve of a different number of rugs take a and... And in case there are also kept at bay after carrying out a little farther than usual, is... Size job carpet helps you solve anyone to feel lusciously soft mats on your.. At hiding seams, making it a perfect match for stairwells with seams around the railing posts numerous patterns!

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